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Additive Manufacturing

Frank Cooper

3D Printing in the jewellery industry, an in-depth review of the technologies past, the present and it’s possible future directions

ABSTARCT This research and presentation is intended to act as a guide to inform all sectors of the jewellery industry, from educators to designers and from jewellery manufacturers of all types to the artisan hobbyist

The paper will cover the development and use of of 3D Printing in the jewellery industry, it will also discuss in some detail the current ‘state of the art’ and finally take an in-depth look at the future. A future where we can expect to see innovative new technologies on the horizon that could transform some aspects of jewellery design and manufacture from the more traditional use of 3D Printing into the world of Additive Manufacturing in the global Jewellery Industry


Frank Cooper

Frank Cooper has recently retired from his role as a senior lecturer at the Birmingham City University School of Jewellery, where he was also responsible for the Centre for Digital Design and Manufacturing. Despite his retirement Cooper has continued his work with companies in the UK jewellery industry as an independant consultant. As well as his more general, yet very knowledgeable, understanding and research into many aspects of modern and ancient jewellery design and manufacturing he is best known for his deep understanding of, and research into, the digital technologies now in widespread us in the design and manufacturing of jewellery in the UK. Cooper is an award winning and well-known speaker here at the JTF as well as the globally renowned Santa Fe Symposium where has willingly shared his knowledge and insights into the development and use of various 3D printing technologies and Additive Manufacturing, particularly the AM of precious metals