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Binder Jet – functioning and working 

Alejandra de la Hija

Metal Jet technology represents a new approach to metal powder additive manufacturing of metal parts: well established and proven across several industrial sectors for production of stainless steel-based applications, Metal Jet is currently being introduced to the world of jewellery and fashion industry to unlock and open up new opportunities and manufacturing options. This presentation will deal with the concepts behind binder jetting, the enabling processes and unique applications of a Metal Jet printer. 


Alejandra de la Hija

Alejandra currently works in the HP 3D Print team in Barcelona as an Application Engineer for the new HP Metal Jet S100 solution. She joined HP’s team 5 years ago, as Procurement Engineer and Vendor Manager. Prior to HP, she worked for various companies in the automotive industry, both in Germany and United Kingdom, developing projects and products as Mechanical Engineer. She holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and also is part of the mentorship program Inspira STEAM in Spain to inspire young students to follow technical careers.