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Binder jet technology: applications and comparison with existing jewellery production techniques

Andrea Friso

Binder Jet technology is quickly gathering interest in the world of precious and non-precious jewellery production although it is less known than Selective Laser Melting and other additive manufacturing techniques. Naturally, with every new and disruptive technology a list of doubts and questions arise about its viability and comparison with the known methods of production.  

The presentation is focused on introducing Binder Jet technology in its applications for jewelry making and showing results from almost one year of use of 3D binder jet printers at our laboratories in Bressanvido, Italy. Our practical experiences of testing and production using it will be shared during the presentation, in comparison with other better known technologies.  


Andrea Friso

Andrea Friso is the R&D Manager of the Master Alloy division in Legor Group S.p.A. He joined the group in 2004, after graduating in Materials engineering with a thesis in innovative colored gold alloys. As the R&D Manger, Andrea Friso acts as a liaison between the sales force, production area, and R&D, thanks to the extensive experience acquired on different product types and their positioning in different markets. He supports the sales division in defining the business/sales plan and its execution to reach objectives. Moreover, he works closely with the technical and R&D dept. in the development, enhancement and promotion of products.