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The finishing of accessories: a must in the fashion industry

a speech by Giulio Bevilacqua

Fashion and the electroplating business. Two apparently distant worlds linked by a technical dialogue that aims at getting things done: fashion brands on the one hand, and finishing “suppliers” on the other. The challenge: to build a business meeting point between strategic sectors that are tendentially little inclined to cross-contaminate and communicate in order to create a new way of thinking about luxury finishings.

A dialogue which inquisitive observation, together with 50 years’ experience, has led to three main aspects.

Aesthetics and fashion, or rather, linking electroplating finishing to the aesthetic value of the finished product. In the past, fashion, leather and footwear accessories were merely thought of as functional elements. Now, also due to the technical finishing skills, they are necessary and indispensable components, often even a distinctive element.

But how is it done? By studying the balance between shape, volume and finishing; by constant dialogue with the clientele; by analysing the input of the people employed in production and all by really listening closely to the surrounding world.

Research and innovation which means putting the experience gained and consolidated in the jewellery world with the biggest luxury brands at the disposal of the fashion supply chain. This translates into a constant experimentation of new processing techniques and research into global trends. One cannot stop at producing finishings with maniacal skill; the commitment, in any sector, is to be one step ahead in order to be able to offer the customers unique and distinctive fashion solutions.

Galvanic plating and sustainability… not a contradiction in terms but a feasible alliance. In times gone by, deciding the company’s environmental sustainability would not have been an option. On the contrary, the fact that it should develop and grow hand in hand with the company has turned out to be a natural choice, certainly not one dictated by legal obligations that did not exist at that time. Changing the idea, not only in the facts, but also in the collective imagination, that an electroplating company could be a sustainable company was a challenge that has become a concrete fact. Over the years, processing techniques, attention to the environmental context in the broad sense, as well as the more fragile contexts of the surrounding territory, have led to certifications, awards and recognitions that certify a virtuous “best practice” route at an organizational, managerial and production level in terms of sustainability.

These are the three pieces of a complex and articulate puzzle in which the various souls of savoir faire converge. A know-how that passionately moves towards creating and offering the fashion supply chain a replicable, recognized and recognizable product in processing, design, relations and service terms.