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In 2024 JTF will be reaching its 19th edition! The positive feedbacks we keep receiving motivate us to go on with enthusiasm and new ideas: we will keep working to make it contemporary and effective, especially through a deeper involvement of our audience.

Topics Guideline

Case studies related to the jewellery industry
  • Improvements over existing technology
  • Company experiences: from manufacturing up to the products and business approach
Metallurgy and alloys:
  • Formulations for particular applications
  • Case studies from alloy behavior in real life conditions
  • In depth comparative studies of different compositions
Production processes
  • Investment casting as a whole process
  • Specific casting techniques (stone-in-place, resins, investments)
  • Mechanical deformation processes
  • Rapid prototyping software and hardware
  • Additive manufacturing technologies
  • Innovative technologies pertaining to the world of
  • jewelry manufacturing
  • Advancements in finishing methods and techniques
New trends in the jewelry design
  • Overviews of market trends and their impact on production
  • Possibilities offered by new technologies
Surface coatings
  • New surface deposition technologies
  • Practical application of deposition techniques
New materials
  • Coupling of different materials that are suitable for jewelry production
  • Possibilities offered by scouting for materials in different sectors
Quality system, production organization, process and product traceability
  • How to improve communication in a company
  • Increasing yield and value in a jewelry manufacturing facility
Legislation, norms and reference standards
  • Legislation, norms and reference standards

  • Ethics
  • Social responsibility
  • Responsible supply
  • Sustainable manufacturing processes
  • Requirements and certifications in the jewellery and fashion industry

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